OUr Next event is the double down with the federation on 8/9/15 on winni.     Our next club open is 8/15 on winni - both are out of west alton marina

About Us

2014 TOC Champs

Scott and Al had a solid Day 1, but struggled Day 2 and had to sweat it out to the end. They held on and took home the 2014 TOC trophies.

2014 Regular Season Champs

Dan Greenwood and Rick Landry repeated last years feat and became our 2014 Regular Season Champs.

NH Last Cast Club

Our goal is to provide a fun, competitive and safe environment for you to fish in.

2014 Bass affiliated


july 25, 2015

Congrats to Dave Greenwood and Dan Landry for their win on Merrimack River - 18.33!!!!

may 9, 2015

Gilbert and Murtaugh take the win on Bow Lake.

July 11,  2015

​Congrats to Gary and Denise for their win - 15.92 lbs!!!

may 2, 2015

Cross & Levesque get the win for our first Club tournament of the year.

The NH Last Cast Club is a non-profit organization established to preserve and promote the Sport of Bass Fishing, to practice and promote sound environmental policies to conserve our natural resources, to promote youth and public interest in sport fishing and conservation, to work for an abundant, healthy, and self-sustaining bass fishery; to act as an effective voice for the advancement of bass fisheries, to communicate effectively with organizations that have an impact on the sport of bass fishing, and to support local, state and national agencies and organizations whose objectives are to conserve and manage our national resources.

Our goal is to provide a fun, competitive and safe environment for you to fish in.  We are a team based club and focus our fishing on the bodies of water that make southern New Hampshire a great place to fish for bass.